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Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Civic Resource Group (CRG) is committed to developing the latest technological solutions as they apply to the special needs of civic organizations. We provide technology strategies, tools and solutions that empower organizations and businesses operating in the civic sector to operate more efficiently, communicate more effectively, and connect with their communities.

Civic Resource Group

CRG partners with clients — we help organizations manage the process of integrating new information technology and leveraging their organizational assets to realize the full potential of new technologies. Through our three primary service lines we service, supply and support organizations ranging from government agencies to educational institutions, civic organizations and private industry doing business in the public sector.

Mission Statement

We undertake every project with the goal of giving our clients the most effective and efficient go-forward strategies. At the same time, we pride ourselves on being a company that constantly keeps an eye on advancing society.

We understand our clients' commitments to providing quality public services, to being good stewards of the environment and public resources, to developing vibrant local economies and communities, and generally to giving back to the community. At CRG we strive to embody these goals in our digital strategies and recommendations. Our solutions all provide real public value, from cost-effective service delivery and business improvements, to enhanced public and civic engagement, to sustainable "green" solutions. We have an in-depth understanding of the best approach for your desired outcomes.

Nothing exemplifies this commitment more than some of our award winning work with the San Diego County Water Authority and the County of Los Angeles. For the San Diego County Water Authority we created an innovative online system that fulfilled their primary goals for easily collecting and analyzing water consumption data – and at the same time, designed in reporting and communications features that actually help them accomplish their greater ambition of saving water. For the County of Los Angeles, we developed and implemented an integrated countywide eNotify system that could be used for a variety of needs. One of its biggest successes has been promoting the proper disposal of household hazardous waste throughout the county by notifying residents when mobile collection sites were going to locate in their community, providing directions and reminders, along with instructions and other educational materials. We don't simply deliver technology solutions, we deliver integrated and innovative business solutions that deliver real business benefits and public value.

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