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Our Core Services

At Civic Resource Group we listen to our clients — you are our partners and we yours. We take pride in the fact that we have developed a set of core technology and digital services that directly address critical needs and opportunities in the civic sector — YOUR needs and opportunities. While our products and services can each be implemented individually, they are specifically designed to be offered as "bundled" or turnkey solutions that provide you with exactly what you need when you need it. These fully integrated solutions — customized for each client and situation — unleash the real power of the digital world for your organization.

Interactive Dynamically Integrated Web 2.0 Programs

Engage your audiences to become active participants in what you do—one of the hallmarks of Web 2.0/Government 2.0. CRG's digital experts work directly with your team to design :

  • Social media integration and management;
  • Mobile application/mobile web development and location based services;
  • SEO & Analytics;
  • Web Portal & Applications;
  • Digital communications, online marketing and online business strategies; and
  • User-focused website and digital design

Case Studies: OCTA Web; City of Pasadena; ARTIC; SCVWD

Connect CRG's Enterprise Platform Product

"Connect" your internal and external data, services and users via our award-winning and innovative dynamic data/web services platform. The CivicConnect platform includes built in enterprise technologies enabling comprehensive Web 2.0/Government 2.0 solutions for organizations and programs of any size and shape.

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) & Cloud Solutions;
  • Enterprise Application Modules;
  • Agile Development Accelerators;
  • Turnkey Web Portals; and
  • Data & Application Integration

Case Studies: CRA/LA ERNIE; Wyoming Travel and Tourism; SDCWA; ARTIC; RCTC

Network Fully Managed Programs & Solutions

Realize the full potential of your final digital "product," be it a comprehensive public or private web portal, an ongoing digital communications or online business initiative, or a focused interactive web application, with our full range of managed services:

  • Turnkey CivicNetwork Programs;
  • Civic Identity Brand Management;
  • Open Data Initiatives and Solutions;
  • Public – Private Strategic Partnerships; and
  • Online Advertising & E-Marketing

Case Studies: ExperienceLA.com; Wyoming Travel and Tourism; National Biotech Portal; Palm Springs; SDCWA

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