CivicConnect® is Civic Resource Group’s Flagship Product. It’s a first-of-a-kind, fully integrated Mobile/Data/Cloud Platform delivered in a Software-as-a-Service Model (SaaS). It is a unique cloud-based platform that enables rapid deployment of dynamic database driven web systems for “smart” government. The platform connects and integrates structured public data sources, commercial data sources and unstructured data sources providing both powerful business intelligence along with a variety of rich user experiences across unlimited outlets and devices. The platform can be easily scaled for local, entity specific implementations, or for large-scale regional smart city/smart government applications.

CivicConnect® is a cloud-based, mobile first, technology solution designed to meet the mobile demands of the 21st century. It was built with interoperability and mobility in mind, allowing for tight integration with a city's existing and legacy line of business applications that provide cities with the opportunity to deliver leading-edge solutions while protecting existing investments. The CivicConnect® platform provides real-time access to relevant city information accessible in multiple mediums and form factors including mobile devices, kiosks and social media. It also supports new and emerging technologies including big data and analytics to give cities a 360-degree view of vital information -- all in real time.

CRG has teamed up with Amazon Web Services (AWS), and expanded our award-winning CivicConnect® platform solution. CRG’s Managed Hosting Service now runs on AWS.

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Build on CivicConnect® with our unique Product Suite

CivicConnect® AR:

Augmented Reality Technology Takes a Futuristic Phenomenon & Transform it into a Practical Solution for the Civic Sector.

CivicConnect® Parking:

Real-Time Mobile Parking Solution to Simplify Public & Private Parking — for Residents, Workers & Visitors.

CivicConnect® Tourism:

Showcase What Your Destination Has to Offer.

CivicConnect® Transit:

An Integrated Regional Traveler Information System.

CivicConnect® Audience:

Powerful Cultural Event, Data & Information Management.

CivicConnect® Community:

Your Social Community Network Platform.

CivicConnect® Water:

Award-winning Water Conservation and Drought Management Platform.

CivicConnect® GeoSocial

Comprehensive Public Engagement, Planning & Participation Platform.

Unique and Patented Mobile Technologies

CivicConnect® Mobile technology enables rapid deployment of dynamic mobile applications for “smart” government on the go.

  • Rapid Mobile App Development/Deployment.
  • Location Aware GIS and Dynamic Mapping.
  • Intrepid Synchronization - Events, Enterprise Content, Itineraries.
  • Intrepid Smart Caching - Travel and Tourism Content, Maps.
  • Real-time data and media collection.
  • Calendar of events, places of interest, user generated content.
  • Robust analytics & dashboards.
  • Pointing Enabled Search.
  • Geospatial Search.

    • “We know where you are and we know what's around you.”

    • Displayed in List, Compass, Map and AR views.